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“Roger is a hard working, determined, and effective leader. He is also passionate about what he does - and that clearly makes the difference. I've been amazed at the energy Roger can bring to a variety of projects, from developing a database to working up campaign strategy. I'd love to have him on my team.”

                                                                           – Doug Johnson, fellow Walk Oakland Bike Oakland Board Member

"Roger's drive and focus are his biggest assets. He is immensely creative and passionate, and a true Non-profit sector veteran. He'll bring tremendous strength to any organization he joins. He is passionate, self-reflective and comes with a breadth of knowledge of Bay Area funders that makes him a leader in the field."

                                                                  – Kyle Macdonald, Co-Executive Director at Bay Area Wilderness Training

“Roger is both an incredible administrator and a dynamic advocate, able to compile donor mailings and recruit corporate sponsors on the one hand while skillfully communicating bike and pedestrian policy goals on the other. As WOBO's Treasurer, he has kept the books in order and helped construct a fundraising plan for a nascent organization, leading to the hire of our first staff person. On the Oaklavia Planning Committee, he was instrumental in laying the groundwork for a huge undertaking that will become a signature event for WOBO. Finally, Roger is a really fun and enthusiastic colleague who puts his heart and soul into whatever he does. We are lucky to have his effective combination of passion and action on our team.”

                                                                        – Shannon Tracey, fellow Walk Oakland Bike Oakland Board Member

“I had the pleasure of serving on Bay Area Wilderness Training's Steering Committee/Board of Directors during Roger's term as Executive Director. During my tenure I worked quite closely with Roger, especially when I served as Chair. Roger is a skilled and determined leader with a keen sense of self awareness. He takes on challenges and risks and takes them seriously. Lastly, the man has a sense of humor and truly cares about his team.”

                                                                                 – Alison Gooding, Bay Area Wilderness Training Board Member

“Roger has been a jack-of-all-trades at BAWT, simultaneously managing finances, acting as the IT department and managing foundation relationships that generate the better part of BAWT's budget. As a manager he oversees the entire Development side of the organization - keeping productivity a priority while maintaining a fun office atmosphere.”

                                            – Clifford Agocs, Development Associate (Direct Report) at Bay Area Wilderness Training

"Roger really took ownership of the foundation development program, organizing, writing, and managing the relationships between various staff and foundation funders. He was a dedicated and enthusiastic worker, and also cared about nurturing the staff community. He was a great asset to Redefining Progress."

                                                                          – Diana Lee, Director of Development (former) at Redefining Progress